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Our company offers the wide range of high quality and certified security courses in Melbourne. We conduct fully accredited and also nationally recognized security training courses in Melbourne. Both the new comers as well as the industry veterans can join our courses to upgrade their existing knowledge and skills. In fact, these days career in the security industry is the highly lucrative option and the security staff is in high demand in the market. Our high-quality security training courses equip all the participants with the right kind knowledge and skills to excel in their jobs as the security personnel.

Our security courses in Melbourne operate at convenient timings and also at convenient locations on the regular basis. Our company is committed to delivering the most advanced security courses in Melbourne. Since the establishment of our firm, we have always set a benchmark in the standards of security training. The goal of our company is to uplift the standards of security and to provide the most advanced security training and extend the ongoing support to the thousands of security personnel working in the industry. Our world class security course Melbourne has been specifically designed keeping in mind the ever changing needs of the security industry.

We also offer lucrative career opportunities to all those people who want to achieve their personal goals and fulfil all their ambitions in the security industry as well as the Government department. We help people from all the backgrounds to find a long term and rewarding career in the security industry. While doing so, our company has already become a valuable resource for some of the esteemed organizations in Australia for hiring the security personnel.

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers as well as the assessors have many years of extensive experience in conducting the security training sessions. They have excellent interpersonal and communication skills which can engage the participants from all backgrounds. We strive to exceed the expectations of the clients in delivering the robust security training and assessment solutions. Our company makes sure that all our clients receive the best in class security education and training that enable them to excel in their careers as security personnel. We have also gained the approval of the Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate for the conduction of the security courses in Melbourne.

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The demand of employees in the security industry is growing at a robust rate over the past few years. With the advancement in the electronic surveillance and also in the monitoring, the demand for the security personnel in Melbourne is rising. Our security courses Melbourne range from the basic security guard training to the training in crowd control and we also provide training in complex cyber security.

Certificate courses

A certificate course in security equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge and you can work as the security personnel. The Certificate II course in security operations is actually a combination of the theoretical as well as the practical training and educates you on the techniques of defense, laws, restraint technology and also on the first aid. There is also the provision of certificate III level security course and this course involves a more in-depth and practical evaluation of the theories and practices of security. It equips the students with the knowledge and the skills to undertake the specialized security functions after the completion of the course. All the participants will develop the right competencies to work as security guards, crowd controllers or they may work as monitoring center operators too.


Short term courses

Our training academy conducts various short term courses from time to time which enable the security personnel to refine and upgrade their existing skills. You can browse through the list of the various short term courses that we have and can pick up the course of your choice that will take your career in the field of security to the next level.


First Aid Course

This course provides the training to extend the first aid response to the casualty. It is applicable to all the workers who are required to extend the first aid response in vast varieties of situations which include the community as well as the work place settings.


Our instructors

Our company has a proven record of the various employment outcomes and the thousands of the satisfied customers which include many top notch security companies in Australia. We have packaged our security courses Victoria into a variety of programs to meet the licensing needs of the industry. We conduct training programs for the new entrants to the industry, existing personnel who are looking to add new skills and also cater to those who require refresher security guard training Melbourne. Our honesty, integrity and also a high level of professionalism along with our high end expertise have positioned us as the most preferred security training organization.We balance the theoretical knowledge with the practical learning sessions.

Our firm offers wide varieties of learning streams to suit all your individualized needs ranging from the entry level course to the pinnacle of security training in Melbourne. Each and every student is rendered the high level of personalized attention and utmost care. All our instructors hold the requisite certification in the assessment and workplace training and they have many years of experience in the firearms as well as the security industry. Our training facilities are fully equipped with the all the modern security training equipment to impart hands on experience to the participants.

WHY Security Courses Melbourne

We continuously strive to improve our existing business and educational model and all our clients can rest assured that they are receiving highly consistent security guard training in Melbourne.

Our aim is to surpass the expectations of all our clients by continuously reviewing and improving our existing service standards on the basis of the feedbacks from all our patrons. We want to develop strong connections with the wide array of the industry stakeholders by delivering the best in class and robust security training and assessment services which can be fully relied upon. We also offer recruitment advice to all our students and provide them with the lucrative employment opportunities on completion of the security course Melbourne and after obtaining the requisite security license. Since we hold the notion that it is the well trained and highly motivated people who are the foundation of our success, our in-house training sessions demonstrate high end commitment of our company to the professional development.

Our practical training sessions, expert facilitators and the extremely strong presence in the security world allow us to deliver the industry specific training programs which cater to the customized needs of the clients and also meet the ever changing demands of the security industry. All our training programs are being developed in close consultation with the clients to ensure all the individualized needs of the clients are met.

Our training programs are not only restricted to the security guard course Melbourne but we have high-end capabilities to develop the security training sessions across many specific areas of the industry. Our trainers utilize the most comprehensive and interactive learning management system and deliver the most efficient and result oriented training services all across the Melbourne. All our security courses are delivered as per the instructions and the guidelines of the Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate. We extend all our efforts to create quality outcomes for our learners as well as the security industry. All our courses cover the mandatory requirements to work as the security personnel and we equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge and also the attributes which are needed.

We are one of the most reputed security training agency in Melbourne and make sure that every individual who deals with us is fully satisfied with our services.We equip our students with the right skills and everything that is needed to take up the challenges of the security industry once they finish their course. Our security courses in Melbourne can help you to enjoy a thrilling and rewarding career in the security industry. Sign up for our security guard course today and start your exciting career in the security industry.

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To gain entry in the security industry, there is no minimum qualification which is required and you are required to complete the mandatory entry level certificate II course in the security operations. We will equip you with the right zeal and the confidence that is needed to work and excel in the security industry. This will open up lots of career opportunities for you in a large number of areas. In case you are looking for a career change or you are an employer who needs high quality trained security staff, then contacts us today and we will change your life.